lavoll audio


Lavoll Audio is composer Jørn Lavoll.

I produce original music for films, TV, and interactive software.

For the last few years, I've been composing and producing music for many exciting projects, including the TV-series City of Friends, the game Teslagrad, animated films and many theatre performances.

Previous happy customers include MTV, VH-1, Discovery Channel, Animal planet, History Channel, ABC, NBC, A&E, NIKE and many more.


Haap is my symphonic electro-rock band that I started in 2012 together with the incredible soprano heidi Lambach. Visit Haap on Facebook.  

Sound design

Lavoll Audio designes and mixes sound for feature films, documentaries, theatre performances and commercials.


Jørn Lavoll and partner Make Music AS frequently directs and produces voice-talent for feature films, animated films, commercials, e-learning etc.

The studio

Jørn's studio in Bergen, Norway, is of course available for all kinds of projects. Read more about the studio.

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