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A very random collection of things I find on youtube with my music in it, "just for fun" projects and similar. This is NOT my "showreel" page (due to copyright etc). If you want access to a secret place with more "showreel" type material (including City of Friends), just send me an email and I'll set you up. Or head over to my Soundcloud page.

City of Friends Roadshow promo. Music and sfx: Jørn Lavoll

Commercial in the style of a favourite movie. Music and sfx by Jørn Lavoll.

Hillbilly Airlines. A student film I enjoyed writing music for. But after four or five takes of the ukulele that you hear in the background, my index finger had started bleeding. That's how commited I am to any project I take on ;)

There's a film school in the building where I have my studio, and this short thriller was Katharina Dahl's exam film. A short thriller with a scifi twist. Lots of fun to write music for.

A video about body paint

A trailer for an iPad game called "Sleepy Mole's Moving Day". The music is called "Goblin Party".

Music for a Whiskas cat leaping. Read more about this.

Independent bubblegum-pop with an 80's flare.

Have fun and remember that everything looks good on you.

This is a short promo edit of the song, the full song includes the missing verse and chorus :)

Hopefully a tradition in the making: When we are done with a "serious" project in the studio, we make something quick and easy and COMPLETELY different just for fun.

Here is Gollum's Song with tons and tons of fun effects on Kathleens voice ;) Fun stuff. And thanks to a sporty Kathleen for singing on this. (And don't make fun of the geeky looking drummer!!)

A promo for the hit animated show City of Friends.

Music: Jørn Lavoll

A promo for the hit animated show City of Friends.

Music: Jørn Lavoll

Film-producer and actress Linda Steinhoff was visiting from Berlin to record a

(different) song. We were done early so we decided to make something just for fun.

Here it is. Not to be taken too seriously :P

Here's one from the archives :)

Incitus produced this thriller short.

The song in the background is "Margo Went to the Library", and

you can get it here: The video is now outdated since I have moved into my lovely new studio :)

This must be my most popular track ever. It is maybe 15 years old already, and it still keeps popping up in all kinds of videos.

yes, I also made this music :)

Scott Tanner is a young british, and very talented, film maker. Here's my music put to good use in some of his school-work.

Sci-fi... love it.

This is also a very old track that keeps getting used in many different videos. Birthe Lillevik Fæø is the singer with the beautiful voice.

I crazy track I made with lots of indian percussion and singing.. and someone made a series of commercials with these dancers!! Lots of fun.


More creepy stuff.

This track is called "Chili".