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Teslagrad, a magnetic puzzle-platformer, out on PC/Wii-U/Playstation 4 and Vita

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My symphonic electro-rock band with the incredible soprano Heidi Lambach. The first album will be out summer 2013, but we have already released several singles from the upcoming album.

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Together with Sagn (Bodil Lunde Rørtveit), I composed music inspired by several Edvard Munch paintings. These compositions will be released on three EPs and will also be the foundation of a contemporary dance performance.

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Jørn Lavoll Solo

I have released two Solo CDs. One with the music from a horse film trilogy. And "70 Minutes", a calm album with some very sophisticated and interesting musical twists. Everyday sounds were sampled and then chopped into fragments that serve as the rythmical backdrop to the laid-back and beautiful piano melodies.

The music I write travels into various genres, but most of the time it is rooted in subjects and styles I find interresting: folklore, mythology, classical and folk traditions. The results are often sonic dreamscapes, electronic textures and haunting melodies.

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City of Friends

In addition to writing score music for this show, I also produce some songs for them.

"UÆH" is The City of friends halloween song, sung by a terrified Jumpi. The songs is written and produced by myself and my collegaue Linn Kathrin Taklo.

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Listener comments (Haap):

Haap is heavenly. A hybrid of symphonic rock, electronica and pop. Like a stew of soundtracks served on a porcelain plate. Powerful strings, vocals interwoven with clean production. This ensemble has earned themselves a spot on our 360 Watch List.

 - 360, culture magazine

Rick Bergsma: love the haunting voice!!

Carl Young:Far OUt !! Dig it.

Pegasus: Great atmosphere and voice!

Euodia M.: love the haunting feel of this track

House Of Light: What a voice!

Era: Cinematic and interesting

J-Will: love the intro

Amir:Very dramatic: I love the flute

Christoph Matysiak: Big!!

William C. Black: Wow!!!!! Absolute magic. Avant garde and cool

Jay Lincoln: I absolutely love this production. Great work.

Leander: What tention! :D

Nicholas Pinder: Great work, very cinematic. Beautiful voice.

Paul Myhre: Beautiful vocal work

Listener comments (Jorn Lavoll Solo):

Jorn's beautiful solo piece Galskap, available on Underground Aid Volume 2, is #1 on the Piano genre charts this morning... Congrats to Jorn Lavoll, master composer from Norway!

Norwegian composer Jørn Lavoll gives us music of stark, aching beauty, infused with a complex sadness that belies its simplicity of form. The shortest selection on the album, Galskap is a sonic cameo cut from ice and diamonds.

I just listened to Jorn's Galskap at the Underground Aid site... It's a stark, haunting solo piano piece that conveys the deep sadness of the situation. I think it's available on the Underground Aid DAM #2.

Beautiful work, Jorn.

I don't know about the rest of you guys but I've downloaded Jorn's collection of music and it is uniformly excellent from piano preludes to understated sonic excursions... Meanwhile there is some beautiful music to be hear on Mr. Lavoll's site. Galskap is one of my favorite piano pieces with Journey in Opening building a sparse landscape of sounds.

Galskap is neither atonal nor lushly melodic. Jorn Lavoll plays a dynamic piano piece that is both calm and thoughtful. The performance and composition are excellent. The song is more classical in nature than New Age but still a bright spot.

Picture w. NO words starts in familiar territory- semi-classical piano that sounds like it was intentionally altered. Small sounds are inserted, leading to a pleasant drum/bass/pad section that is firmly in the New Age tradition. The song ends as it leads us back to processed piano and quiet bell sounds. A very good arrangement.

I responded to your thread but I wanted to personally tell you how enjoyable I find your music. It is lacking in pretension although you work with piano frequently and I can not think of an instrument that has brought more pretension to music than solo piano.

Your synth pieces are also excellent. There are few musicians I listen to unless I'm reviewing them or checking new material out. You are one of the exceptions.

I don't think I got to tell you how much I enjoyed your latest...Picture w. No Words...

It came in and went too fast, but it was short and sweet. You were right! It did get a little funky...I loved it when it started to go with that flow, it got my attention right away! It was like one of those short showers, when the sun is still know...when it sprinkles for like 10 minutes or less...? I hope you dig what I am saying...anyway! Much respect to you!!!